Autovista is a brand new mode in Forza Motorsport 4. In this new mode, you can fully explore a total of 25 vehicles featured in the game. For each locked car, challenges must be completed to unlock them for Autovista.

The challenges mostly consist of racing circuits with the task of overtaking a certain number of traffic vehicles or completing a race in first place. You may also have to do a bowling type minigame to unlock the car.

After unlocking a car, it is possible to walk around the unlocked vehicle and click on several parts. By clicking on a highlighted part of the car, the player can listen to a narrator giving information. Players can enter the car and start up the engine. This is replaced by ForzaVista in later games.

Every vehicle with the exception of the Warthog has a additional commentary by Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

Upon your 19th unlock you will receive the Halo 4 M12 Force Application Vehicle "Warthog". While exploring a car you can do many things like hear a full bio of that car or just hear about individual parts you can also open things like doors, hoods, or other hatches. It is impossible to drive the Warthog.

Autovista Vehicles Edit

Additional Unlockable Vehicles Edit

DLC Vehicles Edit

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