FM6 Ford SVTCobraR2000 Damaged

Damage is an integral gameplay aspect of the Forza series. Damage occurs when a vehicle crashes into or touches something, such as a wall or another vehicle, and it can range from purely cosmetic damage to actually degrading the mechanical health of the vehicle.

Types of Damage Edit

  • Cosmetic - ranges from simple scratches and dents to visual deformations, broken headlights and taillights, detached rear wings (usually if they are static), and broken windshields.
  • Mechanical - includes destruction of vital car parts, such as the suspension, brakes, downforce, and the engine, degrading the performance of the vehicle. Fuel and tires will also wear out.

Accessing the telemetry's Damage section shows the damage percentages for each part of the car. A fully stock vehicle starts with 0% damage and can accumulate up to 100% for each part, after which it becomes crippled, greatly degrading the car's performance. It is possible, but very hard, to suffer complete mechanical damage without suffering any type of cosmetic damage.

Damage Settings Edit

Note that the higher the damage setting, the more CR and XP earned.

  • Off - Cosmetic damage only occurs. In the Forza Horizon games, cosmetic damage is removed altogether when this option is selected, but the car can still get dirty from traveling off the road.
  • Cosmetic - Cosmetic damage only occurs. The vehicle's mechanical performance is unaffected, including fuel and tires. No CR bonus for this setting.
  • Fuel and Tires - Introduced in the NASCAR Expansion for Forza Motorsport 6, cosmetic damage only occurs. This time, though, the fuel can run out and the tires can get worn out. This damage type is useful for endurance racing, as with the Simulation damage type, even a single hit can result in a huge loss of time and positions due to mechanical damage. +5% CR bonus.
  • Simulation - Full damage occurs. Both cosmetic and mechanical damage. +10% CR bonus.

Restoring Damage Edit

Damage can be reversed by stopping at the pit stop (if the track has one). At the pit stop, the car's mechanical health is restored, but not cosmetic damage aside from headlights and taillights.

In the Forza Horizon series, damage (both cosmetic and mechanical) can be reverted by Fast Traveling to any one location on the map or entering a Fast Travel Hub (Forza Horizon), a Horizon Hub (Forza Horizon 2), or a Horizon Festival Site (Forza Horizon 3). In all games, starting any race, PR Stunt (except for Speed Traps, Speed Zones, Drift Zones, or Danger Signs), or Bucket List Challenge will also repair the vehicle (the event doesn't have to actually start; just select the event and exit out). Also, in Photo Mode (except in Forza Horizon), cosmetic damage (including dirt and dust) can be reset by pressing RB, but it will persist after exiting Photo Mode. Remember, though, it will still return if the car hits something.

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