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Darius Flynt is a character and the main antagonist in Forza Horizon. He is the ultimate Horizon champion, winning three times and becoming an international brand in the process. He sports a collared shirt, brown belt, blue pants and some sunglasses. His Star Showdown car is the 2010 Ferrari 599XX. Some of his best lines are:

Ok kid, you've had your fifteen minutes of fame. All eyes are back on the real celebrity.
You got a lot of weight lifting on those inexperienced shoulders, sure you won't crack? Pressure's really on now, and one slip, just one and I'll have you. This is where your fairy tale ends, with a bump. This is mine to lose, not yours to win. You think I'm just gonna hand you my title, think again!.
I tell you what rookie. You come in say fifth or sixth and there's a free case of Darius Flynt cologne in it for ya. Yeah, thank me later.