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The 2016 Ford Gymkhana 9 Focus RS RX, abbreviated as Ford Focus RX and Ford Gymkhana, is a rallycross car first featured Forza Horizon 3's Blizzard Mountain Expansion and in Forza Motorsport 7. The latter game features the Ford Focus RX as a Showcase reward.

The Ford Focus RX is a 2017 Ford Focus RS-based rallycross car built by Hoonigan Racing in conjunction with M-Sport. It is driven by Ken Block of Gymkhana fame in the 2016 FIA World Rallycross Championship and the Gymkhana 9 video.


The Ford Focus RX is built on the Focus RS, with a tuned 2.0L (1,983 cc) turbocharged inline-4 engine, with power output rated at 600 hp (447 kW) and torque output rated at 664 ft·lb (900 N·m).

Equipped with a six-speed manual transmission driving all four wheels and weighing 2491 lb (1130 kg), the Focus RS RX is capable of doing 0 - 60 mph (97 km/h) in 1.9 seconds, a trait typical of rallycross cars.


Icon ForzaMotorsport7 Wide Speed 6.6 
Handling 5.9 
Acceleration 9.7 
Braking 5.7 
FM7 T3 
R 844
Unlock: Complete the Ken Block Ford Focus 1-On-1 Showcase event
Top Speed: 180.8 mph  (290.9 km/h) Division: Forza Group Rally
Acceleration 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h): 1.900 s 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h): 4.500 s
Braking 60-0 mph (97-0 km/h): 122.8 ft (37.4 m) 100-0 mph (161-0 km/h): 285.4 ft (87 m)
Lateral G's 60 mph (97 km/h): 1.26 g 120 mph (193 km/h): 1.33 g
Collection Tier: 3 - Rare (+100)
Icon ForzaHorizon3 Wide Speed 5.2 
Handling 8.2 
Acceleration 9.7 
Launch 10 
Braking 10 
S1 896
Unlock: Purchase from the Autoshow 500,000 CR 1,000 T
Icon Infobox Achievement Beat the Kingmaker event.
Icon DLC Pack DLC: Requires the Blizzard Mountain Expansion pack
Top Speed: 143.4 mph  (230.7 km/h) Championship: Rally Monsters
Acceleration 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h): 1.900 s 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h): 5.013 s
Braking 60-0 mph (97-0 km/h): 123.4 ft (37.6 m) 100-0 mph (161-0 km/h): 299.6 ft (91.3 m)
Lateral G's 60 mph (97 km/h): 0.94 g 120 mph (193 km/h): 1.12 g


Icon Drivetrain Conversion - Drivetrain
Icon ForzaHorizon3 Wide RWD


The Ford Focus RS RX is a rallycross car and, as such, is made for offroad racing. It has an extremely fast 0 - 60 mph (97 km/h) acceleration time of 1.9 seconds, which outclasses even hypercars like the Porsche 918 Spyder, Ultima Evolution Coupe 1020, and Bugatti Veyron Super Sport; this is a trait typical of rallycross cars primarily due to their AWD drivetrains and the need to get a great start off the line especially on dirt tracks. The Focus RS RX's astounding acceleration is also evident in its 5-second run to 100 mph (161 km/h). The only car that has a faster acceleration to 60 mph (97 km/h) is the Hoonigan Ford "Hoonicorn" Mustang, with 1.8 seconds.

The Focus RS RX handles and brakes really well, especially off-road. Despite these handy performance advantages, the Focus RS RX is best used for tracks with a lack of long straights, as its top speed is rather low at 144 mph (232 km/h) and its overall gearing is very short, a trait typical of rallycross cars. The gearing is noticeably wider in Forza Motorsport 7, yielding a top speed of 181 mph (291 km/h).


  • The Ford Focus RX is featured on the cover art for the Blizzard Mountain Expansion.
    • When playing the Blizzard Mountain Expansion for the first time, the Ford Focus RX is used when the player drives to the Blizzard Mountain Festival for the first time.
    • Unlike the other cars in the Blizzard Mountain Expansion, the Ford Focus RX normally does not appear in the Autoshow. Instead, it has to be obtained by completing the Kingmaker event.
  • The Kingmaker race forces the player to use the Ford Focus RX, regardless of whether or not they have the car. After this race is won for the first time, any car can then be used on Kingmaker.
  • Finishing Mountain Rush Descent in the Ford Focus RX in less than 2 minutes unlocks the All Downhill from Here achievement.
  • The Ford Focus RX's in-game names display "Gymkhana" in all capital letters.


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