FH3 Forzavista

ForzaVista, also capitalized as Forzavista, is a new viewing mode introduced in Forza Motorsport 5. It is based on Autovista where the player can fully explore all vehicles featured in the game.

In ForzaVista, housed inside the homespace, it is possible to walk around the selected vehicle and toggle several parts on/off (opened/closed). By selecting a highlighted part of the car, the player can watch an informational cinematic or customize the vehicle. Players can enter the car and start up the engine. Unlike Autovista, though, Forzavista allows the player to customize their vehicle directly. Selecting the icon with the Forza Motorsport logo allows the player to listen to a narrated description/history of the car, along with informational windows.

Pressing X causes all openable parts to open, including pop-up headlights. Pressing X again closes them. However, the option to explode or implode may sometimes not appear, usually if the player has performed upgrades on the engine (e.g. swapping out the engine for a different one), although some vehicles have no openable parts. Most parts can be toggled on/off or open/closed immediately, while others will instead cause the screen to fade out and back in (e.g. removable roofs for certain cars).

In Forza Motorsport 6, two different homespaces can be selected: Paddock and Rio.

ForzaVista was implemented into the Forza Horizon series starting with Forza Horizon 3 in 2016. License plates and body kits can now be customized via ForzaVista. However, it is no longer possible to view details about the car's engine, tires, rear wing animation, etc. Instead of the usual Forza Motorsport series announcer narrating the car's description, Warren will do it, although not all cars will receive a narrated description by Warren.

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