Achievements in Forza Horizon are a series of goals that can be earned through career and multiplayer progression. A total of 50 achievements worth 1,000GamerScore were included with the game's release.

An additional 10 achievements worth 500GamerScore are included as part of the 1000 Club Expansion Pack.

Another 10 achievements worth 500GamerScore are included as part of the Rally Expansion Pack.

Image Award Value
Ach-Welcome to Horizon
Welcome to Horizon
Arrive at the Horizon Festival.
10 GamerScore 
Ach-Take Her for a Spin!
Take Her for a Spin!
Buy a car from the Festival Autoshow. Now take her for a spin!
15 GamerScore 
Ach-...and across the line!
...and across the line!
Finish your first race in Single Player.
10 GamerScore 
Win a race for the first time in Single Player.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-Born Slippy
Born Slippy
Win a Mixed-Surface or Dirt Race.
10 GamerScore 
Win 10 Street Races.
15 GamerScore 
Win 10 Festival Races.
15 GamerScore 
Ach-Close Encounters
Close Encounters
Beat 10 Festival Racers after challenging them to a race.
20 GamerScore 
Set a speed on 5 speed traps and 5 average speed zones.
10 GamerScore 
Beat Rivals in 10 events.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-Been There, Done That!
Been There, Done That!
Visit the Paint Shop, Autoshow, Car Club, Marketplace, Race Central, and Workshop at the Festival.
10 GamerScore 
Ach-Rave Paint
Rave Paint
Create and save a Paint Job.
10 GamerScore 
Ach-Wheelin' 'n Dealin'
Wheelin' 'n Dealin'
Sell a design or vinyl group via the Design Storefront.
10 GamerScore 
Ach-May The Forza Be With You
May The Forza Be With You
Receive your Forza loyalty cars.
10 GamerScore 
Ach-One to Watch
One to Watch
Get to 200th Position on the popularity chart.
10 GamerScore 
Ach-The Next Big Thing
The Next Big Thing
Get to 100th Position on the popularity chart.
15 GamerScore 
Ach-Almost Famous
Almost Famous
Get to 50th Position on the popularity chart.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-Killer Skills
Killer Skills
Get to 10th Position on the popularity chart.
25 GamerScore 
Get to 1st Position on the popularity chart.
30 GamerScore 
Ach-A Wristed Development
A Wristed Development
Receive the Yellow Wristband.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-Going Green
Going Green
Receive the Green Wristband.
25 GamerScore 
Ach-Out of the Blue
Out of the Blue
Receive the Blue Wristband.
30 GamerScore 
Ach-Racing for Pinks
Racing for Pinks
Receive the Pink Wristband.
35 GamerScore 
Ach-Freshly Squeezed
Freshly Squeezed
Receive the Orange Wristband.
40 GamerScore 
Ach-Purple Reign
Purple Reign
Receive the Purple Wristband.
45 GamerScore 
Ach-Golden Boy
Golden Boy
Receive the Golden Wristband.
50 GamerScore 
Ach-Darius Who?
Darius Who?
Become the champion of the Horizon Festival.
100 GamerScore 
Ach-Hard Driving
Hard Driving
Win a race on the Hard difficulty setting.
10 GamerScore 
Ach-Gettin' It Done
Gettin' It Done
Win all Festival Races.
30 GamerScore 
Ach-Win Diesel
Win Diesel
Win all Street Races.
30 GamerScore 
Win every Showcase Event.
20 GamerScore 
Win every Star Showdown race.
10 GamerScore 
Ach-All Your Race Are Belong to Us
All Your Race Are Belong to Us
Win every Festival Race, Street Race, Showcase, and Star Showdown.
30 GamerScore 
Complete every Horizon Outpost PR Stunt.25
Ach-Kudos to You
Kudos to You
Complete 5 Sponsorship Challenges.
10 GamerScore 
Complete 20 Sponsorship Challenges.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-Barn This Way
Barn This Way
Discover a barn find.
5 GamerScore 
Ach-Bargain Shopper
Bargain Shopper
Collect 10 discount signs.
10 GamerScore 
Ach-Black Friday
Black Friday
Collect all of the discount signs.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-Road Trip
Road Trip
Drive along all of the roads in the game.
25 GamerScore 
Ach-Still a Noob
Still a Noob...
Complete 10 online races.
10 GamerScore 
Ach-Noob No More
Noob No More
Complete 25 online races.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-Playground Games
Playground Games
Complete a game of Infected, King, and Cat and Mouse.
5 GamerScore 
Ach-Swings and Roundabouts
Swings and Roundabouts
Complete 3 games each of Infected, King, and Cat and Mouse.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-Cruise Club
Cruise Club
Complete 10 Online Free Roam Challenges.
20 GamerScore 
Reach Online Level 5.
5 GamerScore 
Ach-Just Me and the XP
Just Me and the XP
Reach Online Level 25.
10 GamerScore 
Win a car from leveling up online.
5 GamerScore 
Win 3 cars from leveling up online.
10 GamerScore 
Win 5 cars from leveling up online.
20 GamerScore 

1000 Club Expansion PackEdit

An additional 10 achievements worth 500GamerScore are included as part of the 1000 Club Expansion Pack.

Image Award Value
Ach-My First Challenge
My First Challenge
Earn your first Medal.
10 GamerScore 
Ach-Ferrari Fan
Ferrari Fan
Earn a Medal in 14 different Ferraris.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-It's Just Money
It's Just Money
Earn a Medal in 14 different cars worth at least 1 million Cr.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-Snake Charmer
Snake Charmer
Earn a Medal in 3 different Shelbys.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-Lamborghini Lover
Lamborghini Lover
Earn a Medal in 8 different Lamborghinis.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-Nissan Ninja
Nissan Ninja
Earn a Medal in 7 different Nissans.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-Well Engineered
Well Engineered
Earn a Medal in 10 different BMWs.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-Sir Challenge-a-Lot
Sir Challenge-a-Lot
Earn a Medal in 20 different British cars.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-Ford Champion
Ford Champion
Earn a Medal in 13 different Fords.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-Forza Legend
Forza Legend
Earn a Medal in 146 different cars!
80 GamerScore 

Rally Expansion PackEdit

Another 10 achievements worth 500GamerScore are included as part of the Rally Expansion Pack.

Image Award Value
Ach-Now that's a Special Stage
Now that's a Special Stage
Complete your first Horizon Rally stage.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-Covered in Mud and Glory
Covered in Mud and Glory
Win a Horizon Rally.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-Take her for a Power Slide
Take her for a Power Slide
Obtain your first Horizon Rally car.
20 GamerScore 
Ach-Horizon Rally Champion
Horizon Rally Champion
Become the Horizon Rally Champion.
75 GamerScore 
Ach-Harder Driving
Harder Driving
Win a Rally stage on Hard opponent difficulty without using automatic shifting or the Driving Line.
25 GamerScore 
Ach-Mile High Club
Mile High Club
Get a total of 1609 metres (5,278.9ft) of air in Horizon Rally events.
10 GamerScore 
Ach-Rally Rivals
Rally Rivals
Complete 5 Horizon Rally events in Rivals mode.
20 GamerScore 
Win 10 Horizon Rally stages in online multiplayer.
25 GamerScore 
Ach-Flawless Victory
Flawless Victory
Win a Horizon Rally stage without crashing or using rewind.
15 GamerScore 
Ach-High Five!
High Five!
Purchase all five Horizon Rally cars.
20 GamerScore 

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