Achievements in Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast and Furious are a series of goals that can be earned through career progression. A total of 25 achievements worth 1,000GamerScore were included with the game's release.

Image Award Value
Ach-Fast and Furious 360
Fast and Furious
Complete the inital drive.
100 GamerScore 
Ach-900 Horses of Detroit Muscle 360
900 Horses of Detroit Muscle
Acquire the Dodge Charger '70.
40 GamerScore 
Ach-10 Second Car 360
10 Second Car
Acquire the Toyota Supra '98.
40 GamerScore 
Ach-Winning's Winning 360
Winning's Winning
Acquire the Jeep Wrangler.
40 GamerScore 
Ach-A Quarter Mile at a Time 360
A Quarter Mile at a Time
Acquire the Plymouth Cuda.
40 GamerScore 
Ach-Just don't scratch it 360
Just don't scratch it
Acquire the McLaren P1.
40 GamerScore 
Ach-Fully Charged 360
Fully Charged
Acquire the Dodge Charger '15.
40 GamerScore 
Ach-What do you drift for? 360
What do you drift for?
Acquire the Nissan GT-R.
40 GamerScore 
Ach-Drift to Win 360
Drift to Win
Acquire the Dodge Challenger '15.
40 GamerScore 
Ach-9 Second Car 360
9 Second Car
Acquire the Bugatti Veyron.
40 GamerScore 
Ach-Perks of the Job 360
Perks of the Job
Acquire the Maserati Ghibli S.
40 GamerScore 
Ach-Got nothin' but time 360
Got nothin' but time
Restore the Plymouth Roadrunner.
40 GamerScore 
Ach-How Long Was That Runway? 360
How Long Was That Runway?
Complete the Cargo Plane Showcase.
100 GamerScore 
Ach-Burning Rubber 360
Burning Rubber
Perform 10 "Burnout" Skills.
30 GamerScore 
Ach-Tokyo Drift 360
Tokyo Drift
Perform 20 "Drift" or "E-Drift" Skills.
30 GamerScore 
Ach-High Flyer 360
High Flyer
Perform 5 "Air" Skills.
30 GamerScore 
Ach-2 Furious 360
2 Furious
Perform 10 "Wreckage" Skills.
30 GamerScore 
Ach-2 Fast 360
2 Fast
Perform 5 "Speed" Skills.
30 GamerScore 
Ach-An Inch or a Mile 360
An Inch or a Mile
Perform 15 "Near Miss" Skills.
30 GamerScore 
Ach-Scratch That 360
Scratch That
Perform 3 "Trading Paint" Skills.
30 GamerScore 
Ach-First Draft 360
First Draft
Perform 5 "Drafting" Skills.
30 GamerScore 
Ach-Fast 3000 360
Fast 3000
Bank a Skill Chain of 3,000 or more.
30 GamerScore 
Ach-Selfie! 360
Take a photo of the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T
30 GamerScore 
Ach-Chain Reaction 360
Chain Reaction
Bank a Skill Chain of 15,000 or more.
30 GamerScore 
Ach-Wheelman 360
Earn a total of 100,000 skill points.
30 GamerScore 

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