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PR Stunts in Forza Horizon 3 span across all four main sites of the Horizon Festival Australia, and the King of the Mountain tournament at the Blizzard Mountain site.

Stunts towards the Horizon Festival's public relations are identified by festival scouts as players earn fans towards the Horizon Festival. New PR Stunts are unlocked as new festival sites are opened and existing sites are expanded upon with higher site levels.

Surpassing the 3 star target for a PR Stunt will reward the player with Stunt Points that rank them on a global Stunt Leaderboard.

There are multiple PR Stunts associated with the Horizon Festival, with each being tailored towards specific aspects of driving within the festival.

Danger SignEdit

FH3 DangerSign Icon
A Danger Sign requires the player to travel a certain distance from a ramp and safely land.

Drift ZoneEdit

FH3 DriftZone Icon
A Drift Zone requires the player to earn points by performing controlled slides along a route highlighted with flags.

Speed TrapEdit

FH3 SpeedTrap Icon
A Speed Trap requires the player to pass a speed camera at or above a certain speed.

Speed ZoneEdit

FH3 SpeedZone Icon
A Speed Zone requires the player to set an average speed along a set route between two camera gates.

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