FH3 Showcase Icon
Showcases in Forza Horizon 3 are special point-to-point events that involve the player participating in a one-on-one race against an alternative form of transport.


Type Name Distance Festival
FH3 Showcase OffTheChain Off The Chain Showcase 4.1 mi (6.6 km) Byron Bay (LVL 1)
FH3 Showcase FreightExpectations Freight Expectations Showcase 4.3 mi (6.9 km) 75,000 Fans
FH3 Showcase RiverRun River Run Showcase 3.9 mi (6.3 km) 660,000 Fans
FH3 Showcase HighRiseRush High Rise Rush Showcase 4 mi (6.5 km) 5,000,000 Fans
FH3 Showcase BigAir Big Air Showcase 3.7 mi (6.0 km) 10,000,000 Fans

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