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Laguna Seca
Maple Valley Raceway
Maple Valley Raceway Short
Mugello Full
Mugello Short
New York (No Chicane)
Nissan Speedway (Sunset Peninsula Oval)
Proving Grounds -  Diamondback
Proving Grounds - Black Mamba
Proving Grounds - Boomslang
Proving Grounds - Copperhead
Proving Grounds - Death Adder
Proving Grounds - Indian Taipan
Proving Grounds - King Cobra
Proving Grounds - Malayan Krait
Proving Grounds - Russell's Viper
Road America
Road Atlanta Full
Road Atlanta Short
Sebring Club
Sebring Full
Sebring Short
Silverstone GP 1990's
Silverstone International 1990's
Silverstone National 1990's
Sunset Peninsula Infield
Sunset Peninsula Infield Short
Suzuka East
Suzuka Full
Suzuka West
Tsukuba Full
Tsukuba Short

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