"You can pretty much carbon date a chap - or for that matter the right kind of girl -by their hot hatch of choice. Like a first pin-up, a first LP (look that up if you're under the age of 30), or a first crush, hot hatches are part of the fabric of us: me, you, Clarkson, even May. Because it was okay to dream about hot hatches long before you were ever old enough to think about actually owning one. And it was okay to do that because we all might, if we worked hard at school, actually one day be able to afford one. So where are you going to start? Where hot hatches did, with the VW Golf GTi? Or its slightly younger but faster offspring, the MK II GTi 16 valve? Then again, maybe Volkswagens aren't your thing; so there are Honda Civic Type Rs, or a Renault Clio V6. But remember what I said - you can tell a lot about someone by the hot hatch that he (or she) craves." - Richard Hammond

Career racesEdit

Bonus racesEdit

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