"Here we come to the hot hatch group, and never underestimate how important hot hatchbacks are. Back when they first appeared, they have drivers hope. They showed that a sports car didn't have to be a rusty, leaky old Triumph or MG. It could be practical, convenient, and still amusing enough to give you cramp in your smile muscles. The hatches here are some of the best of the bree, starting with the excellent Ford Focus ST, which gives a textbook demonstration of how a hot hatch can be sensible every day, yet still give you kicks when you drive it like your trousers are on fire. Then there's the VW Scirocco R - technically a coupé, but it has a hatchback and, with 260 horsepower, it's definitely got, so it's going in here. And it it's even half as likeable as the Mark I Scirocco I owned many years ago, then you'll want to marry it." - Jeremy Clarkson

Career RacesEdit

Bonus tracesEdit

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