The Production Rally championsship has 17 races.

"Look very closely at this group, and you will find the Audi Sport quattro, a Ford, and a Toyota. Otherwise, it's all Subaru Imprezas or Mitsubishi Evos. Literallythousands of them. Of course there are! This is the Production Rally group after all, and, as we all know, only Subaru and Mitsubishi make rally cars. Or did make, at least. However, if you are over the age of 12, and before you all head off down the road in whichever vintage 'Imprez-Evo' takes your fancy, do take a steer in the Escort RS Cosworth. Because without the Ford, there would be no Evos and Impreza. The Cossie invented the concept of a 'car as hooligan.' Think about it: largely unsophisticated four-cylinder turbo-charged engine? Check. Unjustified-sense-of-invincibility-inspiring four-wheel drive? Yes. Lairy aerodynamic appendages? Oh, yes. Not that you care, what with all those Imprezas and Evos to play with." - Richard Hammond


The following cars are usable:

Career Races

Bonus races