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The 1996 HSV GTSR appears in the Logitech G Car Pack for Forza Horizon 3.


From its Victorian taxicab yellow to its limited run (only 85 models were ever produced), the GTSR is an HSV oddity. This GTSR is really a mockup of a race car that never existed, but where it fails in legitimate racing heritage it makes up for in glam. The specially-built V8 under the hood makes freight train-like power from idle to redline. This is one Aussie rarity that you may not have known how much you would appreciate until you get behind the wheel. In other words, hop in and hang on.


Icon ForzaHorizon3 Wide Speed 6.1 
Handling 5.9 
Acceleration 7.0 
Launch 6.8 
Braking 4.9 
B 669
Unlock: Purchase from the Autoshow 85,000 CR
Icon DLC Pack DLC: Requires the Logitech G Car Pack
Top Speed: 163.7 mph  (263.4 km/h) Championship: Retro Muscle
Acceleration 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h): 7.280 s 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h): 16.300 s
Braking 60-0 mph (97-0 km/h): 183.4 ft (55.9 m) 100-0 mph (161-0 km/h): 446.3 ft (136 m)
Lateral G's 60 mph (97 km/h): 0.81 g 120 mph (193 km/h): 0.83 g


Icon Engine Conversion - Engine
Icon ForzaHorizon3 Wide 5.2L V8 - B
8.4L V10 - B
6.5L V12 - A
Icon Drivetrain Conversion - Drivetrain
Icon ForzaHorizon3 Wide AWD - B
Icon Aspiration Conversion - Aspiration
Icon ForzaHorizon3 Wide Twin Turbo - B 621
Positive-Displacement Supercharger - B 610


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