Infineon Raceway is a 2.5 mile road course in Sonoma, California. The track was known for many years as Sears Point International Raceway before being purchased by Infineon Technologies, who renamed it Infineon Raceway until the rights expired in 2012. Rather than reviving the original name, the track operators decided to rename the circuit Sonoma Raceway until a new owner can be acquired.

The course has hosted SCCA, IMSA, Grand Am, NASCAR, Indy, NHRA, and AMA events on its three layouts.


  • Road Course- About two and a half miles long. Turn two has counterintuitive banking, as it banks toward the driver's right whereas the driver would instinctively go to the left of the track. The course has a 100 yard incline, a Road America like Carousel, a back hairpin, high speed esses, and a Monaco like front hairpin.
  • Indy Course- This is modified from the original road course. The back hairpin uses the dragstrip instead of the keyhole. This creates a Magny-Cours style hairpin, and uses the outer loop also used by NASCAR. A Spa-like bus stop chicane omits the esses to slow down the cars, and the unsafe hairpin has been omitted entirely. For 2012, the inner loop at the back hairpin was used, the exit of the chicane widened, and more of the hairpin used.
  • NASCAR Course- identical to the road course except that the very tight carousel, being very difficult for the stock cars to turn in to, is omitted in favor of a back straight known as the chute.

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