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The 1969 Lola #6 Penske Sunoco T70 MkIIIB is a race car that appears in Forza Horizon 3 and will appear in Forza Motorsport 7.

The Lola T70 MkIIIB was featured in Forza Horizon 3 as part of the Look What We Found! Forzathon event held in February 2017 and in the History Lesson Forzathon event held in August 2017.

The Lola T70 MkIIIB is a race car developed for sports car racing in the late 1960s.


Icon ForzaHorizon3 Wide Speed 7.0 
Handling 7.5 
Acceleration 8.9 
Launch 8.5 
Braking 7.3 
S1 837
Icon Unique Reward Complete the Making Friends challenge
Top Speed: 186.1 mph  (299.4 km/h) Championship: Classic Racers
Acceleration 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h): 3.012 s 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h): 6.715 s
Braking 60-0 mph (97-0 km/h): 147.8 ft (45 m) 100-0 mph (161-0 km/h): 361.4 ft (110.2 m)
Lateral G's 60 mph (97 km/h): 0.94 g 120 mph (193 km/h): 1.01 g
Value: 850,000 CR


Icon Drivetrain Conversion - Drivetrain
Icon ForzaHorizon3 Wide AWD Drivetrain - 5,000 CR

Driving Characteristics

The Lola T70 MkIIIB is the highest-ranked "Classic Racer" car in the series and features superb acceleration (0-60 mph in 3 seconds). The T70 MkIIIB, being a Can-Am race car, can drive through corners efficiently; on average, it can record a Lateral G force of 0.98 Gs. The car's top speed, while not the best, is still rather impressive: 189 mph (305 km/h). Despite having these performance advantages, the T70 MkIIIB suffers from poor braking, as it takes just slightly more than 360 ft (110 m) to brake to a stop from 100 mph (161 km/h), meaning the driver will have to brake earlier than normal when approaching sharp corners.


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