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The 2015 Mercedes-Benz #24 Tankpool24 Racing Truck is a racing truck featured in the Turn 10 Select Car Pack for Forza Motorsport 6 and in Forza Motorsport 7.


This isn’t your uncle’s semi-truck, it’s a European Racing Truck. This 1,080-horsepower beast races among its competitor brands on the tracks of Europe, including the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit, Le Mans Bugatti, and more. The Tankpool 24 Hours Racing Team is headed up by truck racing legend Markus Oestereich. “Oese,” as he is referred to in the paddock, has been mentoring drivers Andre Kursim and Norbert Kiss to drive the 24 in the nine rounds of this incredible series. Climb aboard this colossal racing machine, engage first gear, and get ready for the ride of your life.
— [1]
I remember visiting Europe a few years ago and happening upon a replay of a European Truck Race on television. It was like nothing I’d ever seen, with these massive behemoths lumbering around the track and fighting for position. My first thought was ‘How cool would it be to race these in Forza?’ The Tankpool24 may not be what most people think of when they think of ‘racing’ but as soon as you sit in that cockpit high above the tarmac and rev that engine, you’ll know exactly why an ETRC truck belongs in Forza 6.
— Brian Ekberg, community manager [1]


The Mercedes-Benz Racing Truck features a 12.8 L turbocharged inline-6 engine producing a massive power output of 1080 hp (805 kW) and an equally massive torque output of 3688 ft·lb (5000 N·m) due to being a race truck weighing 12125 lb (5500 kg).

The Racing Truck has its engine placed in the middle towards the rear and is powered by a 10-speed transmission driving the rear wheels.


Icon ForzaMotorsport6 Wide Speed 5.3 
Handling 5.7 
Acceleration 7.7 
Braking 5.6 
B 584
Unlock: Purchase from the car dealer 1,000,000 CR
Icon DLC Pack DLC: Requires the Turn 10 Select Car Pack
Top Speed: 142.9 mph  (229.9 km/h) Division: None
Acceleration 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h): 5.500 s 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h): 14.000 s
Braking 60-0 mph (97-0 km/h): 152.6 ft (46.5 m) 100-0 mph (161-0 km/h): 353.8 ft (107.8 m)
Lateral G's 60 mph (97 km/h): 1.29 g 120 mph (193 km/h): 1.29 g
Icon ForzaMotorsport7 Wide Speed 5.3 
Handling 5.7 
Acceleration 7.7 
Braking 5.6 
FM7 T3 
B 586
Unlock: Purchase from the car dealer 200,000 CR
Top Speed: missing data Division: Mercedes-Benz Racing Truck Spec
Acceleration 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h): missing data 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h): missing data
Braking 60-0 mph (97-0 km/h): missing data 100-0 mph (161-0 km/h): missing data
Lateral G's 60 mph (97 km/h): missing data 120 mph (193 km/h): missing data
Collection Tier: 3 - Rare (+360)


  • Weighing 12125 lb (5500 kg), the Racing Truck is the heaviest playable racing vehicle in the Forza series.
    • The Terradyne Gurkha LAPV, with a weight of 16499 lb (7484 kg), is the heaviest playable non-race vehicle.
    • With a torque output of 3688 ft·lb (5000 N·m), it also has the highest torque output of any playable vehicle in the Forza series.
      • Its in-game torque output is shown as 3685 ft·lb (5000 N·m).
  • The Racing Truck also has the highest displacement of any racing vehicle in the Forza series, with a massive 12.8L engine.
    • The Hot Wheels Twin Mill has a displacement of 16.5 L due to having two 8.2 L supercharged V8 engines, making it have the highest displacement of any vehicle in the series.



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