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Mini is a British automotive brand manufactured by BMW in the Forza series.

Description Edit

"One of the most popular cars in recent years is the new MINI, launched by BMW's MINI subsidiary in 2001. This small, nimble car is a modern interpretation of the Morris Mini Minor, an even smaller car launched by British Motor Corporation in 1959 and produced until 2000. The original Mini was a revolutionary transverse-engine, front-wheel drive design that devoted 80 percent of its petite frame to passengers. It sipped gasoline, and handled surprisingly well, riding on tiny ten-inch wheels. Race car builder John Cooper designed higher-performance models called the Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S. During its 40-year production, more than five million Minis were sold, and the original remains a cult classic and tuner favorite. In 1994, BMW bought the Rover Group, whose assets included the Mini, from British Aerospace. The new MINI is available in three models: the basic MINI One, powered by a 90 horsepower4-cylinder engine, the 115 horsepower MINI Cooper, and the supercharged 170 horsepower MINI Cooper-S. An optional John Cooper Works tuning kit increases horsepower to 210. In 2004, a soft-top MINI Cabriolet was added to the line. In 2007, Mini introduced the Clubman, a stretched version of the MINI that boasts three passenger doors and split rear barn doors in the rear. The new MINI may be a lot bigger than the original version, but it is its spiritual successor, offering a lot of fun in what is for today a very small package." - from

Vehicle List Edit

Year Vehicle Name
2012 MINI Cooper John Cooper Works Coupe
1965 MINI Cooper S
2003 MINI Cooper S
2011 MINI Cooper S
2011 MINI Coupé Concept
2009 MINI John Cooper Works
2011 MINI John Cooper Works Clubman
2013 MINI Monster Energy All4 Racing X-Raid

Trivia Edit

  • Mini's name is shown in all capital letters in the Forza games.

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