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The 2010 Mosler MT900S is a supercar by defunct Florida-based supercar maker Mosler and a performance variant of the Mosler MT900, which is the successor to the Consulier GTP.

The MT900S derives its name from (Warren) Mosler, (Rod) Trenne, and the car's 900 kilogram (1,984 lbs) target weight.

The Mosler MT900S only appeared in Forza Motorsport 3 and Forza Motorsport 4.


Here are two things you should know about the Mosler MT900S: it looks like a road-going spacecraft, and the first one ever built was snapped up by filmmaker George Lucas. Coincidence? Mosler Automotive has always done things a little bit differently. They created a Cadillac Eldorado with two engines called the TwinStar, and also constructed the amazing Consulier GTP, which was tremendously ugly but won so often in IMSA Supercar races that it was banned by the series organizers. The MT900S isn’t ugly and only has one engine, but what’s different about it is the utilization of a host of high-tech materials optimized for the lightest possible curb weight. For example, power steering was deemed too heavy by the design team, so it’s not available. Mosler pairs the resulting chassis with a 530 horsepower V8 pulled straight out of the latest Corvette Z06, which is plenty to motivate the bantam-weight MT900S. It was also designed differently, created by Rod Trenne entirely with computer-drafting software using no clay models or concept art to guide the process. This latest MT900S has also benefitted from the numerous lessons learned from its competition-only cousin, the MT900R, class winner at the Daytona 24-hour endurance race. The MT900S is truly a result of Warren Mosler’s singular vision about how a car should be constructed: differently, but for optimal performance.


The Mosler MT900S uses a Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06-derived 7.0 L (7,011 cc) LS7 V8, but with the addition of a supercharger, bringing up power to 600 HP (608 PS) at 6,300 rpm and torque to 557 lb-ft (755 Nm) at 4,000 rpm.

The Mosler MT900S uses a six-speed manual gearbox that delivers power to the rear wheels. The MT900S can do 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds and reach a rev-limited top speed of 179 mph (288 km/h).


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Driving Characteristics

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