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Riviera Beach, Florida, United States

Rossion is North American automotive manufacturer of sports cars in the Forza series.


"Rossion Cars began when 1G Racing Partners Ian Grunes, Dean Rosen, and Ron Rosen set out to create a new alternative to conventional supercars. After many years of success working together in the high-performance car industry, the partners set out to explore other avenues of automotive performance. Their quest in search of the ultimate driver’s car led to Noble. After experiencing the thrilling drive ability and perfect balance Noble’s cars offered British automotive aficionados, the decision was made to import Noble cars to North America. In 2006, Grunes and Rosen began development on a new car company of their own to pursue a goal of true driving perfection. After acquiring the rights to the Noble M400 in February 2007, they set out to design a completely new car fusing the strengths of the M400 with the luxurious appointments that define a supercar. The result: the Rossion Q1." - from

Vehicle List

Year Vehicle List
2010 Rossion Q1