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Twin Ring Motegi is a environment in Forza Motorsport 3 set in Eastern Japan, Motegi. It features four track layouts.
  • Twin Ring Motegi Full Circuit (2.98 mi (4.8 km))
  • Twin Ring Motegi East Circuit (1.88 mi (3.03 km))
  • Twin Ring Motegi West Circuit (1.1 mi (1.77 km))
  • Twin Ring Motegi Speedway (1.5 mi (2.41 km))


In the real world, Twin Ring Motegi hosted an IndyCar event for several years. In the final year, a major earthquake damaged the oval normally used. Because the oval could not be repaired in time for the event, the race was moved to the road course normally reserved for the motorcycle event. Coincidentally, this was the last time the event was held.