I got forza 5 Motorsports for about a few weeks and been playing the usual A- Class events on multiplayer and here what really disappointments about the game aside from having Exciting Visuals.

They have only three leagues in multiplayer and they are listed as modern Grand Prix, Indy car Prix and Rally legends but it's strange why their is more leagues in campaign and not in the multiplayer aspect.

Let's say for example your a vintage car fan that cares about driving nothing other than muscle cars and you have your A-Class Buick Regal GNX with a gear ratio of 3.08 along with acceleration/Deceleration at a 78% for both of them and all of a sudden you enter multiplayer and nobody I mean nobody loves muscle cars at A Class.

A-Class should be renamed to Ferrari Class since all your going up against is guys with Ferraris (Rarely any BMWs or Audis). I just want a league that revolves around Muscle Cars because I feel like people are viewing the Muscle car as a "Troll Car" since somebody would use them to ram others off the road on purpose and it sickens me that their people who make my favorite brand of vehicles look like shit to Turn 10.

Oh sure it may be pointless to get a muscle car because somebody can't handle the turns or the braking of a El Camino or the Acceleration from the Buick as it somewhat heavy in the rear but come on you can turn a Indy car like a pro yet you bitch on how bad the handling is for the muscle cars.

News Flash Ferrari Fan Boy you don't spam the accelerator instead you must brake gradually to get them to stop mostly around the 2nd or 1st gear

I feel so alone in a world full of Ferraris.

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