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    IMSA has announced a partnership with Turn 10 Studios, developer of Forza Motorsport, whose latest entry is Forza Motorsport 7, released on October 3, 2017.

    Quoting ManteoMax from the forums:

    • This could possibly lead to an IMSA DLC or an IMSA Expansion, which will bring forth a lot of the newest race cars that Forza fans have been requesting, like the 650S GT3, 488 GT3/GTE, etc.
      • I also hope to see some of these new race cars.
    • Could there be more DPi race cars?

    What are your thoughts on IMSA partnering up with Turn 10 and how does this make you feel about the future of Forza Motorsport 7?

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  • McLarenP1 Boy

    I created this page following the YouTube comments I have seen from a user whose name goes along the lines of Simeon Yves, whose comments can be seen here.

    Normally, as the years pass, a car like the Huracán or Agera gets newer, better variants, which usually appear in other racing games like Project CARS and Gear·Club (which has the 675LT). However, Forza has been falling behind on this aspect, often resorting to recycling outdated models on the basis since this strategy would be more cost-effective (remember that it takes 6 months for Turn 10 to get a car into the game, down from the licensing to the scanning, modeling, scripting, and actually getting the car in the game; it also takes a fair bit of money in the process). This can be a huge …

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    If you stumbled across this page for some reason, congratulations: this is my blog post which shows my thoughts on the weekly car reveals for Forza Motorsport 7.

    This was honestly my most favorite of the car reveal weeks. I exploded in ecstasy and extreme joy when I saw the P1 GTR, Sesto Elemento, Centenario, Spano, and Zonda R in the list. Impressive for a first car reveal week with 167 cars!

    Some additions to the list that I initially did not spot until further analysis of the list:

    • 1967 Ferrari #24 Ferrari Spa 330 P4 – The 330 from the previous games but now with a racing number.
    • 1989 Ferrari F40 Competizione – A revival from the Xbox 360 era.
    • 2004 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti – Another revival from the Xbox 360 era.
    • 2017 Porsche #1 Porsche Team 91…

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    Why is it that T10 and PG added almost every single road-legal car from the FM6 DLC car packs into FH3, but they overlooked the McLaren P1 GTR? How could they possibly forget that car, especially with the Vulcan, FXX K, and Zonda R being in the game now (despite the latter being not yet playable for everyone outside of Developer Mode on PC)? FM7 is only about 5-8 months away, so why don't T10 and PG make good use of this time to add missing cars from FM6 into FH3, especially the P1 GTR? I mean, if the FXX K, Vulcan, Sesto Elemento, 599XX, Zonda R, and F50 GT (the latter two of which are not yet released but are already in the game files) are in FH3, why would T10 and PG overlook the beloved McLaren P1 GTR? That is just beyond me, but serio…

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    For conversion of 1920x1080 PNG images to JPG images, if you are on a computer, use IrfanView (you can download online). Take the image you want to convert to JPG and make sure these options are selected:

    • Save Quality: 80
    • Disable chroma color subsampling (use 1x1 blocks)
    • Keep original EXIF data (if JPG to JPG)
    • Keep original IPTC data
    • Keep original JPG-Comment
    • Keep original XMP data

    The resulting image should be visually identical to the original PNG version, but with a much lower file size. The Ferrari F40 picture in this article, in PNG format, originally came out as 4 MB, but when converted to JPG format using IrfanView with these options selected, the final file size comes out as 416 KB. The only problem that comes with JPGs is the presence of i…

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