FH3 Ferrari F40

For conversion of 1920x1080 PNG images to JPG images, if you are on a computer, use IrfanView (you can download online). Take the image you want to convert to JPG and make sure these options are selected:

  • Save Quality: 80
  • Disable chroma color subsampling (use 1x1 blocks)
  • Keep original EXIF data (if JPG to JPG)
  • Keep original IPTC data
  • Keep original JPG-Comment
  • Keep original XMP data

The resulting image should be visually identical to the original PNG version, but with a much lower file size. The Ferrari F40 picture in this article, in PNG format, originally came out as 4 MB, but when converted to JPG format using IrfanView with these options selected, the final file size comes out as 416 KB. The only problem that comes with JPGs is the presence of image artifacts, although these can and should be ignored.

With my setup, the file size usually comes out as less than 500 KB.

If you don't have IrfanView, you can use any image editing program that you have on your computer or you can use an online image converter. Now, shall the process of fixing old 1920x1080 PNG pictures into low file size JPG pictures begin?

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