Why is it that T10 and PG added almost every single road-legal car from the FM6 DLC car packs into FH3, but they overlooked the McLaren P1 GTR? How could they possibly forget that car, especially with the Vulcan, FXX K, and Zonda R being in the game now (despite the latter being not yet playable for everyone outside of Developer Mode on PC)? FM7 is only about 5-8 months away, so why don't T10 and PG make good use of this time to add missing cars from FM6 into FH3, especially the P1 GTR? I mean, if the FXX K, Vulcan, Sesto Elemento, 599XX, Zonda R, and F50 GT (the latter two of which are not yet released but are already in the game files) are in FH3, why would T10 and PG overlook the beloved McLaren P1 GTR? That is just beyond me, but seriously, they need to add that car to the game!

After all, the Sunbeam Tiger debuted in FM6 as a DLC car in the February 2016 Alpinestars Car Pack, then it disappeared from FH3 until it returned in December 2016 as a Barn Find. The same thing happened to the 1957 Porsche 356A Speedster and 1960 Porsche 718 RS 60, which both also debuted in FM6 as part of the Porsche Expansion before disappearing from FH3 until their return in April 2017 as a Barn Find (for the 356A) and a DLC car (for the 718 RS 60). If these cars can return, why not the P1 GTR???

So Turn 10 and Playground Games, please don't finish off FH3 without the McLaren P1 GTR, especially after the fact that the FXX K, Vulcan, Sesto Elemento, 599XX, Zonda R, and F50 GT, all of which are track-only supercars, are in the game, along with the Tiger and 356A Speedster, both of which debuted in FM6 only to disappear from FH3's initial release until their returns as post-release Barn Finds. It's time to add the McLaren P1 GTR to the game. You've been given 5 MONTHS... that is, until September 2017, so start looking back at your resources and data from FM6, then add the car to the game, but make sure to buff the handling and braking so that the P1 GTR can outperform the FXX K, Vulcan, Zonda R, etc.! Thank you.

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