By now, you should recognize that I am the only user who is making regular edits here. It's become barren, especially after CMAN122 was last seen here in late April 2016. As of April 2016, there are no more active admins/moderatos. I have been converting pages to my new format, which will be added to the Manual of Style. I have also applied for adopting the wiki, and as soon as I get promoted, I will revamp the whole wiki to a new look (something similar to the Asphalt Wiki) and continue converting pages to the new format.

The car pages should not omit the manufacturer in the page name at all. This is a practice I see far too often, and I have been averting it (e.g. 1997 F1 GT → McLaren F1 GT). In some cases, the year name should be in parentheses (code name in some other cases, like BMW M models). The code name for Corvettes will go after the "Corvette" name.

The infoboxes need revamping and moving to the portable infobox versions.

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