• NascarRacing48

    NASCAR in Forza 4

    February 17, 2012 by NascarRacing48

    I am a huge NASCAR fan. So, I am very happy that Forza allows several opputrunities for me to play the game and have my NASCAR fix at the same time.

    First of all, Forza has Ford and Chevy stock cars. They are modeled on the cars NASCAR used prior to 2007. There are also two NASCAR tracks in the game: Indianapolis and Infineon. There is also a previous NASCAR oval, Twin Ring Motegi.

    Sedond, there is also three other ovals the NASCAR cars are suited for. They are the Benchmark Speedway, Sunset Peninsula, and Sedona Raceway.

    Third, there are many cars that can be made into old NASCAR cars. They include the Dodge Charger Daytona, the Ford Fairlane, and the Buick Regal.

    This is one of many reasons I love Forza!

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