Race the world
Welcome to Colorado, USA, home of the 'Horizon Festival'. Drivers from all over the world flock to the beautiful roads here to take part in an organized racing exploration event. Drivers zoom and race through open roads and countryside, leaving their mark on the expansive world. Forget trying to shave a tenth of a second off a race, this place is all about the sights!
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What's new and different.
This is not your typical Forza Motorsport! There are many differences between Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport 4. Forza 4 was a typical racing simulation game, with races being conducted on closed circuit tracks and limited to direct competition. The series is well known for it's emphasis on realistic driving feel and look. Forza Horizons, however, will be taking place in an open-environment, with players exploring and driving through open roads to complete objects.
Differences between these games include
  • Game modes and objectives
  • Slightly changed controls
  • Environments

The objectives are much different this time around. In previous Forza titles, players would take part in various closed circuit races throughout the globe. The player would gather earnings from their winnings and customize or purchase new cars. In Forza Horizon, objectives are expanded to something else confined and repetitive.
Some objective types include:
  • Challenging AI to point to point races
  • Reaching a certain speed past randomly placed speed trap cameras
  • Recording how fast you reach destination A to B
  • Challenges of finding scenic viewpoints

Making a return to Forza Horizon is the expansive list of drivable vehicles for the game. Previous Forza titles allowed for various new cars to be purchased and upgraded, and this will remain the same for Forza Horizon. Where previous titles often had clear division between the relative performance of cars, in this version, cars do not become obsolete as you progress through the game. Each car can offer it's clear benefit when completing the wide range of objectives.
For a list of confirmed cars:

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