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The Volkswagen Beetle is a rear-wheel drive subcompact car.


“Herbie” was a 1963 Beetle. Disney’s “The Love Bug” was not just a fun-loving story of a car with a human personality but was also an exciting touring-car racing movie full of exotic European cars. In short, it’s a must-see for any VW or racing aficionado. For many, the arrival of the VW Beetle in America in 1963 meant an affordable car with great mileage and a look that was not only endearing, but immensely popular. Initially known as “The People’s Car” – a car capable of carrying two adults and three children at a speed of 62 mph-- and based on Ferdinand Porsche’s 1931 design, the Beetle gave the average family a real car for the price of a motorcycle. For 1963 the “Bug” had a 40 horsepower flat-four connected to a transaxle pushing the car from the rear and was stopped by four drum brakes. It’s interesting to think where vehicle design would be today without the Beetle. The car’s influence is profound and its popularity unceasing, proven by being known as “the best-selling car of all time.
— [1]
More power, a 12-volt electrical system, better brakes, and sealed beam headlamps made the 1967 model year Beetle better than ever. Completely stock, the Bug is begging to be upgraded and tricked out. Classic VW lines never get old and, when done right, this car will get you the attention you are looking for.
— [2]


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Driving CharacteristicsEdit

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  • The 2004 Volkswagen Beetle appears in Forza Horizon as a traffic vehicle.




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