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W Motors is a supercar company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It appears in the Forza series from Forza Motorsport 6 onwards.

W Motors was founded on July 11, 2012 in Beirut, Lebanon. Company headquarters was eventually moved to Dubai, UAE on January 1, 2013, with the company's first car being unveiled four weeks later as a concept car. The Lykan was eventually unveiled in its production form at the 2013 Dubai International Motor Show, with only seven units planned.

Description Edit

Originally headquartered in Lebanon but now based in Dubai, W Motors is the dream of Ralph Debbas, who started the company at 22 years of age. Debbas wanted to create something that bled exclusivity and was bred from the core of hypercar performance. When the car debuted to none other than His Royal Highness the Prince of Monaco, it was established as not only regal but astounding in its presentation of diamond encrusted headlamps and a raging Porsche power plant. Never has there been a car company with such ostentatious goals and substantive results.

Vehicles Edit

Road Edit

2016 W Motors Lykan HyperSport RWD 780 hp (582 kW) 708 ft·lb (960 Nm) 3042 lb (1380 kg) 43% 3.7L

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